Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Deal with dlib


Installing python dlib

Dlib is C++ machine learning library
Here are some instructions to install it
  • clone the repo
    git clone git@github.com:davisking/dlib.git
  • navigate to the dlib folder
    cd dlib
  • (optional)if using a virtual environment, activate it
    // cv is my virtualenv name
    - workon cv
  • build the python bindings
    I neeed to pass the flag ‘DLIB_JPEG_SUPPORT’ to build jpeg support
    python setup.py install --yes DLIB_JPEG_SUPPORT
Test if everything is working
The python_examples folder has some nice examples of usage.
Lets run the trained facial detector, example

python python_examples/face_detector.py examples/faces/2007_007763.jpg

If all works, you should see an image with red rectangles around faces.

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